WGR's roots come from many places, however, it's the main branch of the game is documented here in a neat timeline for everyone to see.

'Old MCN Era'

This is the time from the founding of MCN to the switching of the map to a real world map.

  • Lighterdarkness founds a geopolitical semi-roleplay named 'MCN', a group of players who build cities and military who occasionally roleplay together on Creative Fun (Creative server)
  • The first map is made in minecraft, this map isn't a real world map, nor a large one
  • More people join MCN, thus creating more feuds, which tore the weak system apart
  • The map becomes a world map

'Double MCN Era'

After feuds which tore apart the old MCN, a group of players leaves the original MCN, creating a new MCN

-Weapons of mass destruction are unanimously banned from MCN

  • As the members of the old MCN's slowly diminish whilst the new MCN's player base keeps growing, it becomes clear that the new MCN would become the only MCN
  • After a great amount of effort put into the old MCN by its existing members and the player base of the new MCN slowly diminishes, the old MCN and new MCN agree to fuse, returning to a sole MCN state
  • The members of the new MCN unwilling to fuse leave MCN

-Weapons of mass destruction are brought back

'Modern MCN Era'

Learning from previous mistakes, the members of both MCN's try to create a stable MCN.

  • Everything is well, at first, until it becomes more apparent that a few select users were using their positions to manipulate the game, putting them in almost absolute power
  • After a long status quo, a strong rebellion challenges those few select users
  • When the day comes, the rebellion challenges those users, but are stopped by the users

'New Double MCN Era'

With the rebellion leaving MCN and creating a new game, MCN becomes 2 once again, this time, both games have an extreme sense of democracy; a strength and the weakness that unifies the games together.

  • With the rebellion leaving, forming an MCN-like 1600-1700 geopolitical semi-roleplay, MCN is left with a (much) smaller amount of people whilst the second group scrambles to advertise as many players as possible
  • With democracy, both MCN's are extremely stable and fair, no player  having more power than the other

-Lighterdarkness is outcasted from MCN

  • After tensions arise in the MCNs', players unify into 'vote factions', giving an unfair advantage to the player with the most allies
  • Eventually, voting factions tear apart both MCNs who are forced to unify once again

-Servers are used for the map, Creative Fun is abandoned by the community, though some still have buildings there

Post-New Double MCN Era

This is the time between the New Double MCN Era and the current time. In this time, the MCN seeks to balance democracy and ownership but after a series of failure, the founders of WGR decide to leave the current MCN, seeing no future in the group.

'Post-MCN WGR Era'

Renaming MCN (Minecraft Nations) to a more appropriate name, WGR (World Globe Roleplay), the founders of this game bring Lighterdarkness back to MCN-WGR

  • WGR is started by a small group of people, the last direct surviving branch of MCN from the original Old MCN Era
  • WGR, after popular vote, is reset in 1952